Get Your Family Involved In Preplanning

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We depend on our families and friends for their love and support in many things. Hardships and milestones, triumphs and failures, joys and anguish. And, of course, we depend on them to help us navigate loss and grief. This love is why we have funerals in the first place—when we grieve together, we heal together, too.


Funerals aren’t the only time families can come together to offer support and love. When you involve your family in the funeral preplanning process, you don’t just get their support. You’ll also have guidance on how your final arrangements can be the best possible source of comfort for the people you love.


We are dedicated to helping Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard families plan ahead. Below are some ways your family can support you as you preplan your funeral services.


The Value of Moral Support

It can be difficult to think about your own funeral. Even if you are dedicated to giving yourself and your family the gift of pre-arranged funeral services, the fact is that you are planning something that you won’t get to experience, and that can be hard.


This is where your family’s support comes in. There is immense value in having something as simple as a hand to hold as you make decisions for your funeral arrangements. This love can remind you why you’re doing this in the first place—to bring comfort to your family when the time comes.


We all know that we shouldn’t shoulder life’s challenges alone. Don’t be afraid to ask your close family and friends to help you begin the funeral planning process. Remember that they love you, and they want to be there for you, no matter what, even if it’s difficult at first.


Be Open To New Ideas

You know your family and friends well. You have had a lifetime to get to know what brings them comfort in times of hardship, and the guidance they need to find joy. But for many families, funerals are uncharted territory. There might be important things left unsaid if you don’t ask them what will bring them the most solace when they are faced with your loss.


For example, there might be a particular song that always makes them think of you. Or perhaps your children hold dear a particular book that you read to them when they were little, and reading a passage from it would bring them comfort. But if you don’t know these things, you might not think about incorporating them into your funeral services.


As you plan, consider making space for the little things that will help your loved ones grieve. And don’t be afraid of asking them what they want. They could offer valuable information that you might not have considered otherwise.


Knowing What’s Important To You Is Important To Your Family

The fact of American life is that we often don’t take the time to talk about our final arrangements. We understand why—it’s a difficult conversation to have, and even broaching the subject can feel daunting. But these are not things that are best left unsaid. We have seen families who are torn about what to do when their loved one passes. Grief can make these decisions seem even harder.


The best way to avoid this situation is to have a conversation with your family about what you want. As you make your preplanning decisions, you have the opportunity to make sure that when the time comes, your family won’t feel unsure about what to do. And when you involve your family in funeral planning, they will know what to expect, and that their input has made your funeral services something they will find comforting in their time of mourning.


We Are Here To Help

At all of our funeral home locations in Massachusetts – Falmouth, West Falmouth, Mashpee, Martha's Vineyard, Wareham, Harwich, Yarmouth, Marstons Mills, Nantucket, Bridgewater, and East Bridgewater – we are here to help support and guide our community during their times of need. If you have any questions about funeral preplanning services, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re always available.

Preplanning your funeral may feel daunting, but we’re with you every step of the way.



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