Who Will Plan Your Funeral?

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Every lifetime is unique. We are faced with limitless opportunities, potential, and decisions that can alter the flow of our lives, from the challenges we face to the triumphs we celebrate. But as all rivers lead back to the sea, all lifetimes eventually converge on death.


Yet despite this inevitability, death remains a taboo subject for many. People avoid talking about it and put off planning. In our experience as a funeral home serving families for more than 160 years, though, we see this as a mistake. If you avoid planning for the end of your life, that responsibility doesn’t go away. It’s only pushed to someone you love.


Your funeral will need to be planned eventually, by someone. Planning for it yourself today saves a loved one from having to make the same considerations and decisions later while managing grief and the complexities of loss.


Where To Begin


Even though preplanning your funeral is a precious gift, it can still feel overwhelming to get started. How do you even broach the topic with your family without alarming them? Is it morbid to think about your funeral? Do you buy a burial plot in advance? Where do you even begin?


Although thinking about death can be uncomfortable, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here are three simple steps for getting started:


Reflect on Your Values

If you’ve never thought about your funeral before, the decisions that go into planning it may feel overwhelming. How are you supposed to decide between burial and cremation? Where do you want your remains to be buried or your ashes scattered? Do you want a traditional funeral service or a more unique celebration of life?


The best way to get started may be to look at what you value in other aspects of your life: your spirituality, your family, where you live, what your passions are. It may also be helpful to reflect on other funerals you’ve attended. Once you start to think about it, your preferences may begin to become clear. At least, you’ll have a good idea of what opinions you hold strongly and which you’re less concerned with.


Consult Your Loved Ones

Most of the time, people want to respect their loved one’s wishes. By thinking through what you value and expressing those wishes clearly, you give them the reassurance that they’re doing the right thing to honor you.


At the same time, your funeral will be a place for your loved ones to gather, mourn, and celebrate your life. The people you care about deserve the opportunity to do that in a way that makes sense to them. So before finalizing your arrangements, it’s courteous to ask your closest friends and family members about their feelings.


If your children are scattered across the country, would it bother them for your grave to be far away? Do they really want a simple, low-key private memorial, or are you just assuming that because you worry a big funeral will be too complicated? It’s a good idea to have these conversations and share your feelings so there are no unwelcome surprises and misunderstandings.


Reach Out to Chapman for Help

Chapman Funerals & Cremations has served Massachusetts families for more than 160 years, and our team has a clear, straightforward process for funeral preplanning. Simply reach out to us at one of our locations, or begin preplanning online, to get the conversation started.


From there, we’ll meet with you at the location of your choosing and walk you through a series of questions and options that will help you arrange the details, from picking out your service to managing payment options. If you change your mind about anything, we can update your plan or even transfer it to another funeral home if you move away.


Reach out to a member of our team with questions or to begin planning today.

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