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Death is the end of life, but not of the relationship. When a loved one passes on, those left behind still feel love and connection to them. Many people find it comforting to maintain a physical connection to their loved one, whether by visiting a grave site, wearing memorial jewelry, or keeping ashes close.


Now, there is an alternative to cremation ashes that can be touched, held, and shared. Chapman Funerals & Cremations is pleased to offer solidified remains as an option to families who choose cremation for their loved ones.

An Alternative to Ashes

We’ve partnered with Parting Stone, a company offering a new process for solidifying cremated remains into smooth “stones” similar in size and texture to river rocks. These can be held, shared, scattered, displayed, or transported without the mess and discomfort of handling ashes.


How It Works

Your loved one’s cremated remains will be safely delivered to Parting Stone, who will refine the ashes into a fine powder. A small amount of binder is added to this powder, and the remains are mixed into a clay-like material that is then heated in a kiln, giving them hardness and permanence.


An average person's remains may form 40 to 60 “stones.” The process yields 100% natural results, meaning no two sets of solidified remains will be identical in shape, size, texture, or color. Each is unique as the individual.

A pair of outstretched hands cradling several smooth white stones made from solidified cremated remains.

Helping Families Memorialize Their Loved Ones

Whether your loss was recent or long ago, your loved one’s remains can be shaped into something you can hold close to your heart. There is no time limit for making a decision, and as little as ¼ cup of ash can be solidified. If indecision or uncertainty has kept your loved one’s ashes hidden in a closet at home, Parting Stone offers a beautiful and lasting alternative.


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