Cremation And Visiting Hours

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When we lose someone we love, our lives can lose their shape. Our routines, habits, and paths through our days become disrupted by grief, loss, and a struggle to accept this new reality. It’s normal to feel unbalanced, and untethered from our lives.


When you hold visiting hours before cremation, you give your family and friends a chance to reckon with these feelings. During visiting hours, also known as a visitation, your friends and family get the opportunity to view your loved one in an informal setting before the funeral services. Visiting hours can take place the day before any funeral services, and aren’t limited to a set time, allowing those who want to see your loved one to come and go on their own terms.


Visiting hours are an important part of the healing journey, and there are many ways this ritual can bring comfort and closure to those who need it.


Visiting Hours Are Compatible With Cremation

Visiting hours are a period of time set aside for your family and community to come together to see your loved one and give condolences. This time can be informal and flexible, allowing friends and family to come and go at their own convenience.


If your family would like a viewing to be part of this gathering, visiting hours can be held before the cremation takes place. But a viewing doesn’t have to be part of visiting hours. This time brings family and community together, allowing both groups to grieve together and find comfort in each other’s presence. Even if your loved one is not present, this is a valuable and meaningful opportunity to gather. Therefore, we encourage all families to consider holding visiting hours.


Visiting Hours Are Cathartic

Visiting hours aren’t for everyone. Seeing the body of a loved one can be difficult, and it usually brings out emotion. But feeling emotions is an important part of the healing journey. It allows the reality of the moment to sink in, and within the context of visiting hours and a funeral service, emotions are expected. Visiting hours are a safe place to express grief, which can lead to a feeling of catharsis and acceptance.


Additionally, the importance of knowing the person in the casket is indeed your loved one cannot be overstated. This simple act can give you and your family the comfort of knowing that your loved one is at peace and surrounded by friends and family. This is especially important to many families who choose cremation. Being able to see their loved one for a final time is a meaningful way to feel at peace with the cremation and the upcoming funeral services.


Visiting Hours Are For The Family

Funerals can be a busy time. You might have to attend to the needs of your family, or if you are delivering a eulogy, you might be distracted by all that entails. You might realize at the end of the day that you didn’t get the chance to talk to everyone there.


Visiting hours assure that you get to see and speak with your family and friends. Because this time is indeed designed for visiting, there aren’t other obligations that will require your attention. This is a time for you to see and speak to everyone you need to, so that the next time you see each other you can talk about something besides the death of your loved one, which can be difficult if you are not prepared to have that conversation.


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