Historical Wareham, Mass. Cemeteries

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Located at the head of Buzzards Bay at the joining of the Agawam and Wankinco Rivers, Wareham has been a gateway to Cape Cod since Colonial times. It remains an introduction to many of our home’s most famous sights and monuments, from the cranberry bogs and lighthouses to the historic Burgess House on Great Neck Road.


Other monuments to our history are not so well-known, but just as timeless. A visit to any cemetery tells a story of our community, from the familiar names of influential families to the legacy of shipbuilders, fishermen, nail-makers, entrepreneurs, grandmothers, neighbors and friends whose lifetimes have woven the tapestry of our shared history.


The historic cemeteries of Wareham and throughout Cape Cod draw many visitors, from tearful mourners to curious historians. If you take the time to explore, you may see people taking rubbings of hand-carved tombstone designs or cleaning and restoring ancient markers for future generations.


Modern graves don’t often bear upright slate tombstones anymore. Memorial markers now can be metal or marble, flush with the grass or upright, built to hold flowers or bear simple inscriptions, and many more options. But however a grave is marked, caring for the dead and preserving their legacies is just as important to us today as it was to our forebears centuries ago.


Visiting Historic and Modern Cemeteries in Wareham, Mass.

The Town of Wareham maintains three cemeteries. The smallest is Long Neck Cemetery near Buzzards Bay. Originating as a small family burial ground, these grounds serve as the final resting place for more than 300 people, with graves dating back to the 1840s. This cemetery is no longer selling plots.


The other two cemeteries are much larger and remain active, with modern Wareham residents resting side-by-side with historic graves.


Agawam Cemetery on Great Neck Road is home to more than 3,000 memorials dating from the 1730s to modern times. Centre Cemetery on Tihonet Road is Wareham’s largest cemetery, with more than 6,000 memorials stretching back to the 1640s.


Both are referenced in Charles M. Thatcher’s book Old Cemeteries of Southeastern Massachusetts and are certified as historical sites.


Across the street on Tihonet is St. Patrick’s Cemetery, which has historically been maintained by the Catholic parish rather than the city. Like its neighbor, St. Patrick’s is a historic site with a centuries-old legacy.


Our Wareham, Mass. Funeral Home Location

Chapman Funerals & Cremations has served Massachusetts families for more than 150 years, expanding across the Cape to better care for those experiencing loss.


Many things have changed since we first opened our doors, from a growing population to the adoption of technology and new ways of life. But our commitment to helping grieving families celebrate and preserve the legacy of their departed loved ones has never wavered.


Our Wareham funeral home location was established in 1993, merging with the Stott Funeral Home and, later, the Cornwell Memorial Chapel. We continue to serve Wareham and its surrounding towns with the same care and commitment as our founding family.


For more information about funeral services in Wareham or to arrange care for your loved one, call us at 508-295-0060 to speak with an experienced funeral director today.

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