Preplanning Fundamentals

No matter which method you use to make plans in advance, the process is always the same. We recommend you approach your final arrangement planning step by step, using the following four D's: Deliberate, Document, Distribute, Delegate.




While so many of us ask big questions about what happens when we die, we often forget to ask questions that will capture the way we lived and help our friends and family celebrate our life and honor our memory.

Take time to deliberate about the type of funeral and cemetery services that you would want to celebrate or otherwise memorialize your life. Consider the setting of the funeral and where you want it held. Is there a cemetery you are fond of or a specific church you had in mind? Answering these questions will help you begin to make the funeral and cemetery selections that are right for you.


Once you’ve reflected on and determined your wishes for your final arrangements, actually documenting your wishes is the best way to ensure they will be carried out. Whether stored on paper or electronically, your recorded wishes will allow your loved ones to act on your behalf. And, just as you keep your will and financial documents updated, you should review and update your funeral and cemetery plans if necessary as well.

If you choose to use the Biographical Record Guide, it’s easy to record your wishes by filling in the pages and answering the questions presented.


After you’ve recorded your funeral and cemetery plans, it’s important to distribute the information to a loved one or confidante. Keep your funeral plans safe but accessible. It is a good idea to notify your family of its location or provide them with their own copy.


Finally, support your plans with funding by delegating a portion of your savings to your funeral arrangements. By relieving your family of the need to pay for your funeral or cemetery services upon your death, you can prevent additional stress for them at an already difficult time. Funding your plans also protects against inflation. By locking in today’s prices, your loved ones won't have to pay more for your chosen merchandise and services at the time of your death and will only be responsible for any increases in outside cash expenses, like cemetery fee’s, flowers, and newspapers.

The best way to delegate funding is through an understanding of your payment options. Pre-paying for your funeral can be done many ways and over the course of many years. Sometimes people pay with a check or credit card, other times people pay by making the funeral home the beneficiary of an insurance policy. Using life insurance is a great way to pay, but there is one drawback in that the funeral home prices are not guaranteed. Discuss with your funeral professional if it makes sense to take the “cash value” of your policy and put that into a secure trust with the funeral home.

It’s important to work with your Chapman Funerals & Cremations Representative to understand the laws and regulations that protect preneed funds in Massachusetts. When you fund your pre-arrangements with Chapman Funerals & Cremations, you can rest assured that your funds are safe and secure.

No matter what your wishes are for your funeral and cemetery plans, recording them and sharing them with your loved ones will help ensure that your final arrangements will be what you want, while easing the burden on your family and friends.



With our simple step-by-step process, we make preplanning easy. Contact a Chapman Funerals & Cremations representative near you to request a Biographical Record Guide, or click the button below to download instantly. In the Biographical Record Guide, you’ll be able to record your preferences for your funeral and cemetery arrangements, from the name of your preferred funeral home and cemetery to lists of pallbearers, readings, musical selections, and other personal details.

Or, if you’re ready to make your selections right now, call us and schedule an appointment. The consultation will be brief and we can discuss as much or as little of your funeral as you wish. You are in control.




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