Cremation Services

When you choose cremation, you can still honor your loved one with the funeral you want. Our cremation services provide families with peace of mind and allow for more time and flexibility to plan a meaningful ceremony.

Cremation can take place before or after funeral or memorial services but is not meant to replace them. We encourage families to hold a public or private gathering along with cremation. Coming together with family, friends, and community to share in loss and to provide comfort and support to one another is profoundly healing and allows people the chance to have closure and to pay their respects.

Below are some of the services we provide along with cremation. Read about what you can expect when you choose cremation here.

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Traditional Funeral

Families may still have a traditional service when they choose cremation, including a public viewing, funeral, and procession. The body is present at the funeral service and cremation takes place afterward. A funeral director will help you plan services that include personal touches tailored to your family's preferences and your loved one's personality.


Graveside Services & Burial

A loved one's cremated remains can be buried in a traditional gravesite alone or with a loved one. Burial can be accompanied by a graveside service or after other services have taken place.


Scattering Ceremony

Spreading the cremated remains of a loved one in a private or public ceremony can be a beautiful way to say goodbye. Whether in a place that is special to your loved one and their family, or in a beautiful scattering garden at one of Massachusetts's cemeteries, we can help plan a unique and personal occasion.



Keeping the remains of a loved one close after they've passed has comforted people and helped them feel connected for centuries. We offer a wide selection of urns, jewelry, and other mementos to choose from.


Additional Cremation Resources


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Seeing is Relieving


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