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Gathering together with friends and family to honor a life and share in loss has always brought comfort and healing. The way funerals look may have changed since we first opened in 1862, but the needs of grieving families do not. Planning a funeral comes with many decisions to make, and we are here to guide you every step of the way and remove as much stress as possible.

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7 Questions to Ask a Funeral Home

How do you find the right funeral director to care for your loved one? These seven questions can help.


A funeral or memorial service should not only honor your loved one in a personal and meaningful way, but should meet the emotional and financial needs of the family too. Whether you're planning a traditional funeral service or a unique celebration of life, we will help you create a goodbye that brings you peace of mind.



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Traditional Funeral

A traditional funeral service usually includes a viewing or visitation along with a formal funeral service at a place of worship, chapel, or graveside. Families have the option of a hearse and limousine for transportation to the funeral site and cemetery. A traditional funeral can accompany burial services, entombment, or cremation.


Memorial Service

A memorial service most often takes place soon after a loved one has been buried or cremated, and tend to be less formally structured than a traditional funeral. Families may choose to hold a memorial service at any type of location they choose, including event spaces, parks or other outdoor areas, places of worship, or a residence of space permits. Memorial services are easily customizable, and a funeral director will be able to offer some ideas for personalization.


Celebration of Life

Like memorial services, celebrations of life are customizable to fit the unique personalities and passions of the lives they honor, but are usually secular in nature and emphasize the joy that a person brought to the lives of those in attendance. Celebrations of life can incorporate both traditional and non-traditional customs, and often the participation of guests is encouraged.

If you are in immediate need, or wish to begin making funeral arrangements, please call us at the funeral home location nearest you.


We are proud to serve the families of the Cape Cod area, including Bridgewater, East Bridgewater, Falmouth, Harwich, Marstons Mills, Martha's Vineyard, Mashpee, Wareham, West Falmouth, and Yarmouth, Massachusetts.

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Famous Gravesites in Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.

Funerals play an important role in grief, and cemeteries serve as memorials as gathering places for future generations.

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Historical Wareham, Mass. Cemeteries

Explore the historic cemeteries of Wareham, Mass. where graves stand as monuments to Cape Cod history.

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Lasting Memorials in Harwich, Mass.

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Planning for Burial in Falmouth’s Historic Cemeteries

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A History of Cemeteries in Bridgewater, Mass.

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Planning a Funeral in Yarmouth, Mass.

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Funerals in Marstons Mills, Mass.

Visiting a historic cemetery is one way to connect with the history and heritage of our community and honor its legacy.

Older woman walking with two young children along a narrow road lined with trees with a coastline in the distance

Take Care of Yourself in Grief

Your path to healing will be unique to your situation. You deserve care and gentleness in your time of grief.

Woman sitting with grief dog at the beach overlooking water with the dog laying his head on the woman's shoulder

Chapman’s Comforting Canines

Our grief support dogs help families during loss. Meet our canine staff and learn about the grief dog program.

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Should I Bring My Child to the Funeral?

Children grieve, too. Here are some things to consider when including young ones in rituals of mourning.

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What Will Funerals Look Like in the Future?

Funeral trends change over time. But some things are here to stay. We take a look at some enduring funeral practices.

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Dressing for Grief: What to Wear to a Funeral

Funeral attire has always served a special purpose. Learn about the history and meaning of what we wear to funerals.

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Managing Grief During the Holidays

Holidays are a time of celebration, but they can be painful reminders of your loss. How do you cope?

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The Dos and Don'ts of Attending a Funeral

We all must attend a funeral for the first time, sometime. Here are tips to help you and the family of the deceased feel at ease.

Man sitting on a bench next to a beach walkway, leaning forward with his head in his hands, indicating grief

The Stages of Grief Aren't What You Think

Grieving isn't a linear process. It's a cycle. Explore the journey of grief and what to expect after a loss.

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The Healing Power of Funeral Music

Music has always played a big part in our grief rituals. How do you choose the right songs for a service?

An older woman reclining in her bed, looking at old black and white photos of a young man

The Importance of Final Memories

A funeral is a chance to say goodbye one last time. Learn how embalming and restoration can help families heal.

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Meaningful Ways to Honor Your Veteran

Learn about military funeral honors and explore ways to honor the veterans in your life, both living and departed.

Old black and white photo of mother and daughter

Planning A Funeral One Year Later

Sometimes mourning must be delayed. There are a few things to keep in mind as you plan a funeral a year after loss has occurred.

Two young children sitting on their grandparent's lap looking intently at a book

7 Questions to Ask a Funeral Home

How do you find the right funeral director to care for your loved one? These seven questions can help.

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What to Know About Death Certificates

Obtaining the death certificate is one of the first important steps to settling a loved one's affairs.

Close-up of two women's hands comforting each other in grief

The Importance Of Visiting Hours

For many, seeing a loved one's body and saying goodbye one last time is a powerful step toward healing from grief.


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